Masonry Repair

Across the country there is an increasing incidence of wall tie failure especially for coastal areas, with high levels of atmospheric salt which accelerate wall tie corrosion.

Our masonry repair services cover the proper identification and replacement of wall ties together with ancillary services such as brick and mortar tinting, and general re-pointing operations.

Wall Ties

Metal ties which connect the outer and inner leaves of a cavity wall together to prevent bulging or bowing. Wall ties are usually 900mm apart horizontally and 450mm vertically, and composed of galvanised stainless steel.

Corrosion typically occurs because structures built before 1981 were constructed with ties with a zinc coating that was too thin to prevent deterioration, and with a life span of just 15 to 20 years there are now millions of properties at risk of serious structural damage.

As wall ties begin to corrode they can break leaving the inner and outer walls untied and at risk of collapse under high winds. More commonly, wall ties embedded in the outer leaf corrode and expand, causing cracking along bed joints extending upwards throughout the elevation.

The Solution: Using a metal detector and either an endoscope or the physical removal of bricks, we can effectively locate then examine the condition of your wall ties. Our investigation will also determine whether enough wall ties have been installed as part of the original construction and where they are missing we can specify replacement with appropriate high-grade units.

In instances of corrosion, we can cut out defective ties from the outer leaf and replace with new, robust wall ties that are guaranteed to last.